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* Multimedia Design Engineer in the Aviation industry.
*** Also works for Ikasucon,.

* Cincinnati, OH is my hometown. Have lived in Columbus and Cedar Rapids, IA as well.

* big likes: Anime, manga, game shows, yaoi, Cincinnati Reds, Coca-Cola, Frisch's Big Boy, Skyline Chili

* music lover - ALL kinds. Rock, rap, alt, soundtracks, country... you name it, it's on my playlist

* anime convention lover. I have attended anime conventions as a congoer, a staff member, a vendor, and as a panelist. Add "guest" to the roster and I think I'll have performed every role. XD

* caring, trusting, always thinks of his friends, helpful, courteous, romantic, willing to try new things, has been likened to the character Quatre Winner from Gundam Wing on more than one occasion, realistically idealistic, loves proper usage of grammar and spelling.

* Unclear of his future.

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Interests (117):

1x2, 3x4, 4x3, 5x6, a capella, alex x luna, all-ohio state fair band, anime, anime cons, arranging music, auntie anne's, band, being uke, bisexuality, bishonen, broadway, catboys, cheese coneys, chocolate, classic gaming, classical music, cooking, cosplay, crap on a stick, ddr, dee x ryo, emotional fulfilling selfless love, emulators, fake, family feud, fanfiction, final fantasy 4, frisch's tartar sauce, fullmetal alchemist, game shows, glomp, gravitation, gundam 00, gundam wing, hikaru midorikawa, hiroshi nakano, hollywood squares, homestar runner, ikasucon, itunes, j-pop, jeopardy!, john mayer, john williams, les miserables, livejournal, luke skywalker, lunar: the silver star, mac os x, macintosh, madlibs, making love, manga, marth, match game, mel brooks, monty python, moulin rouge, moxy fruvous, muses, music from anime, musicals, nagi naoe, naruto, nintendo entertainment system, oafml, ohayocon, omgwtfbbq, omi tsukiyono, ouran, press your luck, princess tutu, quatre raberba winner, rent, return of the jedi, rockapella, roleplaying, rost, roy x marth, rpgs, sasame, schwarz, shuichi shindou, skyline chili, smut, soundtracks, star trek: next generation, star wars, stupid sexy lockon, super nes, super password, super smash bros. melee, sven, sven x romelle, tbdbitl, the $25000 pyramid, the empire strikes back, the price is right, theater, thrift stores, travelling with no destination, trivial pursuit, trombone, uke, voice acting, voltron, weiss kreuz, weiss thursday, yaoi, yoko kanno, you don't know jack, yukikaze
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