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more information here.

Omar was the director of the All-Ohio State Fair Band from 1970-1998. I was a member of that band from 1997-2000. Omar was inspiration to every one of his students, including me. I credit him with teaching me a hell of a lot more than music. Probably in the coming day or so, I'll remember an example of this, but I can't right now.
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1. Welcome to the insanity, [livejournal.com profile] emmav_! She's my little sister. I kid you not. Yes. I do have a sister. :D So, flist, I'll be watching. *waggles finger*

2. These storms are getting hellacious. Lots and lots of lightning, loud thunder, and an unconfirmed report of someone getting struck by lightning. O_O No tornadoes to speak of yet... *crosses fingers* The one good thing about still being in Corryville vs. waaaaaaaaay out east -- tornado sirens. Hopefully they'll stay quiet, but at least they're there if need be. I'm quite tornado-phobic, so hopefully I won't freak out too much if it does happen. I made sure my computer was on the surge strip, so I'm charging it as I go for now. I took the power cord out and the battery lasted about an hour, and when it died, the computer just stopped - didn't even go to sleep. >_< Will have to look into getting a new battery, probably. *kicks self for not getting the protection thingy*
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*runs head into wall*

My stupid brain. I don't understand it.

I can't keep my mind on any one thing for more than about 60 seconds.

So for those I've been talking to on IM and IRC, I apologize for randomly falling off the face of the earth. Methinks I'm going to go to bed early tonight instead of finding new webcomic obsessions.

BTW, that Axe Body Spray stuff works. I was testing the different flavors of it by spraying it on random parts of my arm in the deodorant aisle in Kroger. And now I just randomly have to inhale the back of my hand.

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