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If you wish to read beyond this point, you must do two things.

1. Have a DreamWidth user account. If you don't have one, you can either create one for as little as US$3, or find an existing user who would be willing to give you an invitation code. I only have a limited number of these codes, and reserve them for distribution to friends and family members.

2. Leave a comment on this entry requesting to be added to my Access List, which will then unlock the entries for you to see. I reserve the right to not honor your request, regardless of whether or not I have a reason to do so.

So, tags.

Jun. 16th, 2005 01:12 am
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So, tags. A very nifty idea which, if integrated with friend groups, could be really awesome.

(and this is a gratuitous tag-test post).
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If you do that language meme, you might want to put it behind a cut, or double check the HTML you copy from the site, for the simple reason is that it's breaking not only my friends page, but several other journals I read, as well. ^_^;;;;

Problem with my journal is fixed, as I changed the layout. It turns out that previous sickly green layout doesn't look good at all in Safart Safari. >_< (typo left in because it's teh funi)

brief PSA

Mar. 16th, 2005 09:43 pm
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I did some very small spring flist cleaning. 10 journals were cut, for myriad reasons. Think of it more as pruning dead branches than attacking a hedge sculpture while wearing a hockey mask, weilding a chainsaw and laughing maniacally. More journals may or may not be cut later. If you have concerns regarding as to why you were/were not cut, please reply here or send me an email at driley1@livejournal.com.
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There's a site out there called Frienditto (and no, I'm not linking to it). It's undermining the security of LJ.

Quoth [livejournal.com profile] bzarcher, with permission:

It's a service that's being billed as a way to download any entry that you might have access to on livejournal. You give them your account info and the url of any user's entry, and it goes, gets the content, strips headers, and puts it on a page for you. And if it's friends only or private, the only way to make the entry friends-only in Frienditto is if you pay for it.

(Including friends-only or filtered entries. See why I'm more than a little worried about this? In fact, in a very roundabout sense, it reeks of FUCKING BLACKMAIL.)

Not to mention the webmaster sounds like he's about fifteen years old, and says (and I quote the site): "... please do not bother me with frivolous lawsuit banter."

Let me say this right here and right now:

  1. Per Creative Commons license, any information in public entries is free to be redistrubted, given that the information remains intact, and my name is mentioned as the source of the material.
  2. Any information in Friends-Only or Filtered entries is completely copyrighted to me. ALL rights reserved, including the right to redistribute the information without my written/expressed consent.
  3. If ANY of you are members of Frienditto, let me know now so that I can adjust my filters accordingly. If you don't and I find that you've taken any of my f-locked posts from any journal I own and posted them on that site, I'm treating it as if you've lied to me (well, mainly because you have; I gave the opportunity for you to come clean and you didn't, therefore, your fault.) -- I lose all trust in you, not to mention you can be damn sure (a) I'm not on speaking terms with you from that point on and (b) If anyone asks me about you, they'll soon find out about how you undermined my trust. This applies across the board to every single person/account on my friends list, no matter how close I am to you, how long I've known you, etc.

If that doesn't make it 100% crystal clear, I URGE you to tell me now so I can clarify this.

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