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1. Welcome to the insanity, [livejournal.com profile] emmav_! She's my little sister. I kid you not. Yes. I do have a sister. :D So, flist, I'll be watching. *waggles finger*

2. These storms are getting hellacious. Lots and lots of lightning, loud thunder, and an unconfirmed report of someone getting struck by lightning. O_O No tornadoes to speak of yet... *crosses fingers* The one good thing about still being in Corryville vs. waaaaaaaaay out east -- tornado sirens. Hopefully they'll stay quiet, but at least they're there if need be. I'm quite tornado-phobic, so hopefully I won't freak out too much if it does happen. I made sure my computer was on the surge strip, so I'm charging it as I go for now. I took the power cord out and the battery lasted about an hour, and when it died, the computer just stopped - didn't even go to sleep. >_< Will have to look into getting a new battery, probably. *kicks self for not getting the protection thingy*
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So today is "Spend Time With Your Family Because Your Busy/Lazy Ass Hasn't In A Month" day. ^_^;;;;;;

So for lunch I'm meeting Granny at Golden Corral, and then going to Mom's for dinner. At the very least, I'm getting 2 pretty good meals. :D

But today I'll be pretty nonexistant on messenger, so call me on my phone if you need me. I got more minutes on my plan, so we can yak.

Off for buffet-y goodness! *poses*


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