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Good news: My Direct Deposit hits my accounts on Thursdays, not Fridays, as I first thought. So it was in there today.
Bad news: All this time, I've thought the online info from 5/3 was up-to-date... it's a day behind. >_<

Good news: I figured out why 5/3 cancelled my check card in the first place.
REALLY REALLY BAD NEWS: It was because they had let someone steal my card number, along with many others in the 5/3 system.


...which I did before work today. I wasn't as pissed at 5/3 for canceling my check card as I was them compromising my security and putting me at risk for identity theft. They offered to send me a new check card, and I told them no thanks, I was switching banks now. Mom, of course, a die-hard 5/3 fan, is upset at me for doing so, but then again, it's not her card that's been compromised. She'll get over it, eventually, and she'll cash my rent checks regardless of which bank they're drawn upon, so long as the money's there. *shrug*

Anyway, I couldn't completely cancel the account because I wrote some checks to Kroger for groceries yesterday. So I withdrew all but $100 from the 5/3 account to cover those checks, and drove directly over to PNC bank. Not only did they still have the email-alert deal, but I also got in on a pretty sweet promotion - with my first direct-deposit, PNC will boost that deposit by $101. *thumbs up* Free money is always good! :DDDDDD Plus the account does earn interest, which I didn't know. :D True, it's only, 0.005% or some insane lowball amount like that, but it's still more than 0%. ^_^

So all in all, a very very good day. *ticks good things off on fingers* I'm ridding myself of a thorn that's been in my side for 5 years, I'm gonna get $101 more than I thought I'd get, my Iowa return is in the mail, it was a gorgeous day today, it was uneventful yet fulfiling at work, I paid on my Wal-Mart lay-a-way, and I got out of work 2 whole hours early.

Life is good. ^____^
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I've finally found an alternative to Rape Me Up The Ass Fifth Third Bank! :DDDDDDDDDDDD

PNC Bank has a similar e-checking account, plus will email me when my balance goes under a determined amount (I'll probably set it about $175 or so) and free Quicken access. All reasons I will be switching to PNC next month. *nods*

Now, to start work on my "part-time" job. *toddles off to email and call people for Ikasucon*

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